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Why did I get an error that says my number is not recognized?

Ringo identifies your number from your caller ID. Calls may fail if we do not get a proper caller ID due to the following reasons:

  • Your caller ID is disabled or invalid - Ringo requires your caller ID so that we can verify the user who is making the call. You or your carrier may have disabled your caller id because of which you number is not recognized:

            iPhone: Open Settings -> Phone -> Show my Called ID -> Enable this option using the slider

            Android: Open the Calling App -> Settings -> Additional Settings -> Caller ID -> choose 'Show number'

            Windows Phone: Open the Phone App -> Settings (at the bottom) -> Show my called ID to -> choose 'everyone'

  • You are calling from another country. Some times when you call from outside the country, the caller ID does not get transmitted accurately.
  • You are calling using a different number - you have to make Ringo calls from your registered Ringo number. If you register with one number and make the call with another, it will not work.